What is Doggie Daycare?

A doggie daycare is similar to a child daycare but tailored for your furry friend. A safe, secure cage free environment where your dogs can play and socialise with other dogs under close trained supervision.

You wouldn’t leave your child at home alone everyday, why leave your dog? whether your dog is new to the world or an oldie refusing to learn new tricks, we can cater for most ages and most breeds (Any breed included on the dangerous dog list will not be permitted) .

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After dropping off your beloved pet in this fun and bright environment, you can continue your day with ease in the knowledge that they are exercising, being well looked after and more importantly surrounded by love, fun and lots of cuddles. We even set up a webcam for you to check in throughout the day! (coming soon)

Just like people, dogs work better with routine and familiar faces. We recommend a regular routine and schedule so your dog can dive right into the dog dynamics in an already established environment – imagine if you had to be the new kid in a group of friends over and over again?! This can be once a week or 2/3 times, whatever best suites your needs.

adorable-animal-animal-photography-895259As always, we are happy to advise or discuss further with you. Just drop us an email!