Daycare Schedule

In The Playhouse offers full day or morning sessions.


Morning Session

The morning session will see dogs arriving between 7:30 – 9:00am.

9 – 11am Morning Playtime
Dogs will play with their doggy friends and participate in ball fetching, chasing, climbing and other activities in our secure indoor and outdoor play areas full of toys and agility equipment.

11 – 12pm Morning Wind Down
A group activity where we quieten the pack down with group training such as recalls, group sits and some 1 to 1 time as the dogs start to be collected from the morning session.


12 – 1.30pm Nap Time
Just like humans, dogs will get tired and grumpy after a morning of play. The nap time will refresh your dogs for more fun into the afternoon.


Afternoon session

1.30 – 3.30pm Afternoon Playtime
The smaller group allows for dedicated 1 on 1 time which we can customise to individual needs.

animal-background-beagle-8797883.30 – 4.30pm Wind Down 
Once again, we quieten the pack down with group training so your dog is calm and relaxed, ready for collection.

The afternoon session will see dogs collected between 4,30pm – 6.00pm